Nobelcom Calling Cards

       by Ampol Telecom 

We recently changed our recommendations for Tel3 and Tel3Advantage products due to reliability and payment problems in 2017. Uncertain financial situation continues in 2018 (we do not rule out going out of business or even NXGH bankruptcy*)

Ampol Telecom
does not longer recommend Tel3 for international calls. Our current recommendation as the best choice is NOBELCOM.

If you shop for low cost QUALITY international calls look first at Nobelcom.

 Nobelcom Calling Cards

Nobelcom calling card rates start at 0.9¢ per minute for calls within USA and at 1.2¢ for international calls.  You also get low rates for calls that originate in international locations (for example Germany to Australia or China to USA - more details).  Low phone rates come with a toll-free access and high quality.  Some cards carry connection-fee.  After you select a card, but before you buy it, you will have a chance to review all additional charges (if any) for a selected card.  You may save 50-90% on Nobelcom cards. Calling cards became a low cost alternative to 1+ long distance and dial around. Check out Nobelcom calling cards quality and cheap rates.
Prepaid Calling Cards
*Tel3, a division of Meimoun & Mammon is owned by Next Group Holdings traded on OTCQB: NXGH